Brain Mapping – qEEG

Neuroguide Analysis Software:

Brain Mapping is our latest addition, adding a completely new dimension to our data collection abilities.


Psy-Tek Labs

Advanced Research and Testing Starts Here:

Psy-Tek Labs is a state-of-the-art research facility providing unique solutions for subtle energy, thermal image scanning and GDV/ESTech BioPhoton evaluations.


Thermal Image Scanning

Thermal Imaging Changes How You View Your Health :

Medical Thermal Imaging reveals your personal temperature patterns giving you vital information about your functional health.

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EPI/GDV Gas Discharge

Electro Intersticial Scanning:

GDV/EPI, displays and measures Bio-Energy fields, including life energy patterns, chakras, and elements of consciousness.


Did You Know?

Thermal Imaging uses no radiation, in no-touch, and is an FDA-registered device, safe for detecting early warning signs of cancer. Thermal imaging is approved as an adjunctive test and is not intended to replace mammograms.