California Institute for Human Science
CIHS is a graduate school offering innovative programs and research in Mind, Body and Spirit. Psy-Tek and CIHS work together to allow students to have access to all the Subtle Energy devices that Psy-Tek houses. CIHS shares the Faraday Cage and the Apparatus for Meridian Identification (AMI) with Psy-Tek.

Pranic Healing of San Diego
PHSD is an energy healing organization based off the research and teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui. Pranic Healing is a way to accelerate the healing process by increasing life force or vital energy. Dr. Mary Clark is the owner of Pranic Healing and Psy-Tek does a lot of research looking at the effects of Pranic Healing with the GDV.

Quantum University
QU is a graduate school that offers higher learning in degrees and certifications programs in holistic, alternative, natural and integrative medicine based on the new emerging science of Quantum Physics.