Full Body Thermography

Thermography is not limited to only breast imaging. Thermography is a wonderful non-invasive tool that is able to provide a full body health assessment. Psy-Tek offers Women’s or Men’s Health Screenings which cover from the top of the head to the bottom of the abdomen. This assesses the health of the thyroid, carotid arteries, looks at symptoms in the head such as headaches, allergies, sinus and TMJ as well as all the organs in the abdomen. Our Full Body Imaging takes the assessment one step further looking for poor circulation and any signs of inflammation in the arms and legs. Thermography is safe, so it is a great option for routine clinical examinations. X-rays and other typical medical tests focus on disease management, whereas Thermography focuses on finding problem areas before they turn into disease. Early Detection is Prevention, and Thermography is Early Detection.
When you think of Thermography, think of Psy-Tek.

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