Q?What do you do if you get an abnormal Thermogram?

Depending on what the doctor has written on your report, if you get an abnormal thermogram, there are many different avenues you can take.

You can get an ultrasound if the concern is in your breast. An ultrasound doesn’t emit any radiation and can tell the difference between cysts and tumors.

If the concern is in your abdomen you can see a nutritionist or get allergy-tested to see if you’re eating something that you might be allergic too.

If the concern is lymphatic-related you can get a lymphatic drainage.

If the concern is muscular, then a massage therapist would be able to help you.

The Thermogram allows you to see where you’re experiencing issue, once you find the issue, you match that up with a health professional who can help you. THEN once you come back for your baseline thermogram, we can see if there has been an improvement in your Thermal Patterns – confirming the protocols are working.

Q?Is Medical Thermal Imaging, or Thermography, a new science?

No! Thermography actually started in 400 BC, with Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates would smear wet clay on his patients and wait for it to dry. The differences in temperature distribution led Hippocrates to discover underlying pathology. Hippocrates wrote ‘…in whatever part of the body excess heat or cold is felt, there is disease to be discovered.’

This is a well known way to check for temperature in any household – everyone has experienced their mother touching the forehead of a child to check for fever. That’s basically what Thermography is assessing for: fever or abnormal temperatures in the body.

Thermography was re-invented through advances in technology in the 1960’s through night vision. Once the military realized what they had in their hands they declassified it and gave it to the medical community to make sure of it.

Since the 1970’s Thermography has greatly improved in resolution and become more and more specific and sensitive.

Q?Is there any RADIATION, PAIN or PRESSURE with Thermography?

No! Unlike mammography,nothing is emitted at you, toward you or through you. There are no harmful waves of ionizing radiation being passed through your body.

For those women electing to get a Breast Health Thermogram, there is NO compression and NO pain. Because patient care and comfort is what we focus on, our thermographer is female, also  we value your privacy and offer private screenings.

Q?Is Medical Thermal Imaging safe?

YES! Again, there is NO ionizing radiation and NO compression and NO pain associated with Medical Thermal Imaging.

We are infrared beings and we emit energy in the form of heat. Our Thermal Imaging Camera is specifically searching for heat and is able to capture your emissions, just like the way a camera captures a picture.

Q?Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately no, but we do offer a variety of Thermography Screenings to fit any budget!

There is a CPT code associated with Medical Thermal Imaging for temperature gradient studies. Call us today to see if your insurance will accept it!

Q?Who interprets your Medical Thermography reports?

Your report is sent to a board of Medical Doctors who are board-certified in Thermology.

Only Medical Doctors are approved to interpret Medical Thermography reports.

Our doctors are all holistically minded so the report comes back with preventive and natural solutions to solving inflammation.

We find that MD’s listen to MD’s, so having the report written by a medical doctor is taken more seriously.

Q?What is the FDA’s stance on Medical Thermography?

From the FDA’s website: “The FDA has cleared thermography devices for use only as an additional diagnostic tool for breast cancer screening and diagnosis. Therefore, FDA says, thermography devices should not be used as a stand-alone method for breast cancer screening or diagnosis.” Read More