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Psy-Tek Labs Staff: L/R, Gaetan Chevalier, Robert Hertz,
Mary Clark, Tiffany Barsotti

Psy-Tek Subtle Energy and Research Laboratory is one of the few facilities in the world offering non-invasive cutting edge technology. We are focused on research, recognition and publications for new ideas and devices, especially if they are novel and controversial. Our technology provides quantifiable feedback to practitioners, researchers and inventors as to the impact of their work on thei client’s health. This information can be used to chart a new treatment protocol, and improve the efficacy of a product, treatment or device.

Psy-Tek Delivers: Custom research and testing plans developed in cooperation with you and your staff, project plan with clearly stated steps and goals, professionally written reports, electronic and bound printed output and our availability and attention. We pride ourselves by being deadline-sensitive. We guarantee a professionally completed project with explanations you and your peers will be able to understand and utilize.


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