About Psy-Tek Labs


Psy-Tek Subtle Energy Laboratory is a pioneer in advanced health technology that includes subtle energy testing, subtle energy measurement, and subtle energy research. New developments and techniques in body scans reveal powerful cellular level statistics, life energy patterns, and other wellness information. Some of these techniques look at subtle energy systems and how components affect physical connections.


Psy-Tek is founded on the premises that there is more in the world than atoms, molecules and the currently-accepted 4 forces of nature. This ‘more’ is comprised of unknown forms of energies, which we call subtle energies. These energies are at the basis of “Energy Medicine” and we can measure at least the “signatures” of these subtle energies using certain devices. With these premises in mind, Bob Hertz and Mary Clark started Psy-Tek Laboratory and gathered together the most promising devices to non-invasively measure “Subtle Energies.”

Psy-Tek personnel are experts in alternative and complementary treatment and research. Our experience has been to design research projects varying from the simplest to the most complex. We know how to design research projects for most devices, products and services that can fall outside the range of the allopathic model of health care and have them approved by a local IRB.  IRB approval of a research protocol is required to be able to publish research results in peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to our expertise in designing research projects for human subjects, our laboratory includes several devices that can be used to non-invasively monitor several aspects of the health condition of research subjects as well as liquid and solid materials.



Why Psy-Tek Labs?

1 For Health Practitioners
Psy-Tek Labs provides non-invasive health screening assessments through subtle energy testing, bio-resonance testing and thermal imaging.

2 For The General Public
Psy-Tek Laboratory provides health screening assessments, whether one’s goal is disease prevention, early warning detection of disease presence, or disease and pain management.

3 Research Projects
For inventors and companies developing new protocols, devices, or methods.