• GDV/EPI Photonic Imaging

    GDV/EPI Photonic Imaging One new body scan test is GDV/EPI, Gas Discharge Visualization, or Electro-Photonic Imaging. This non-invasive process involves the photographing...
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  • Subtle Energy

    Psy-Tek Laboratory is a pioneer in advanced health technology that includes subtle energy testing, subtle energy measurement and subtle energy research. New...
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  • Thermal Scanning

      Thermal Image Scanning Changes How You View Your Health. Medical Thermal Imaging reveals your personal temperature patterns giving you vital information...
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Psy-Tek Labs Heathcare & Energy Medicine Research:

Research Introduction: Why Do Research with Psy-Tek?

Psy-Tek personnel are experts in alternative and complementary treatment and research. Our experience has been to design research projects varying from the simplest to the most complex. We know how to design research projects for most devices, products and services that can also be outside the allopathic model of health care and have them approved by a local IRB.  IRB approval of a research protocol is required to be able to publish research results in peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to our expertise in designing research projects for human subjects, our laboratory includes several devices that can be used to non-invasively monitor several aspects of the health condition of research subjects as well as liquids and solid materials.

To learn more about how Psy-Tek can help you, please contact our offices.

What Psy-Tek Does:

Currently Psy-Tek offers 3 public services

Service Area 1 – Health screening assessments to the health practitioners.

Service Area 2 – Health  screening assessments to the general public.

Service Area 3 – Research projects to inventors and companies developing new protocols, devices or methods.

These services are performed by our well-trained staff currently using the 3 devices that have been identified as most promising for non-invasive “subtle energies” measurements: thermography, GDV/EPI and ES Teck Complex (see other tabs for details).

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