The AMI performs electro-dermal measurement at “Jing Well” points existing near the corner of the nail of the fingers and toes. There are 7 Jing Well points on the hand and 7 points on the foot, thus between two hands and two feet there are 28 Jing Well points measured.

At each measurement the AMI extracts 3 parameters (BP, AP and IQ) from the transient skin current response to the Single Square Voltage Pulse (3V, 512 microseconds) applied.

  1. BP is known to reflect the condition of Qi or Chi energy flowing in the acupuncture meridians
  2. AP shows the state of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  3. IQ reflects the functional state of the body’s protective function


The new snapshot AMI device is unique to the Subtle Energy Lab at the California Institute for Human Science ( It is based on the conceptual framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The latest model of the AMI with new software performs a “snap-shot” AMI measurement at Jing Well points of 14 meridiains (12 regular meridians and 2 extra meridians) in a particular sequence providing useful diagnostic information regarding the overall condition of the subject’s meridian system.

 SEI points

SEI points