Single BioPhoton Detection System

The Biophoton system consists of a high-sensitivity PhotoMulitplier Tube (PMT), its assembly installed inside the EMI Shielded room, or Faraday Cage, a Pulse Counter / Analyzer and a computer set up outside the shielded room.

The EMI Shielded room is also a light-tight chamber. The space inside the shielded room becomes pitch dark when the door is closed. The PMT Assembly has an opening with a vertical thread in the middle to help guide the participant to fix his/her fingers in the right position in front of the PMT window. When instructed by the experimenter via the intercom, the subject opens the black sleeve, inserts his/her right arm into it and positions the hand and fingers so that the vertical thread lightly touches the distal joint of the middle finger. The subject is then instructed to keep still for the duration of the measurement. The PMT Assembly is configured to detect biophotons emanating from the ventral side of the right fingers.

The output of the PMT Assembly is fed into the Counter/ Analyzer via the connector feed-through of the shielded room. The Counter/ Analyzer communicates with the computer, which displays the frequency of incoming pulses every 5 seconds in the form of a real-time trend graph.