Thermal Image Scanning

Thermal Image Scanning Changes How Your View Your Health. Medical Thermal Imaging reveals your personal temperature patterns giving you vital information about your functional health.

Why get scanned?
Medical thermal imaging is an early detector of functional health, detecting imbalances about 6 to 8 years before other typical medical tests.

Thermal Imaging detects:
Inflammation and changes in your microcirculation brought on by hormone changes, immune health, lymphatic congestion, toxicity, pain, angiogenesis, which are virtually impossible to detect with X-Ray technology.

Besides the known breast scans, thermal imaging can detect:
Hypo/hyper thyroidism, fibromyalgia, autoimmune, stroke risk, cardiovascular health, dental, kidney, intestinal disorders, pre-diabetic or diabetes and much more.

How does far infrared or medical thermal imaging work?
Humans are infrared beings. Thermography views what is not seen by the naked eye. It senses heat. Where there is heat in the body, there is activity. Where there is activity, there is information for us to evaluate.
By measuring changes as small as 1/100th of a degree in the body’s radiant heat, we see “bio-markers” or risk indicators. Published medical research confirms that these indicators reveal telltale signs of tumors, toxins and disease months or even years earlier than traditional imaging procedures.

Who interprets the images and do I get a report?
Teams of specially trained medical doctors called Thermologists review the scans and create personalized reports. These reports are provided to you and can be taken to your primary physician, OB/GYN, or kept for your own records.

Thermal Imaging is an American Invention…
initially used in World War II as a method of tracking troops and movement in the dark and at great distances. Today, thermography is used extensively in construction, industry and in medicine.  After declassification in the 1960’s, the National Cancer Institute accepted the use of thermography for breast imaging, which now serves as an adjunct to mammography. The advantage of thermography is its high specificity, it uses no radiation, and detects cancer cells at an earlier onset. Because of these advantages Psy-Tek uses thermal imaging as one of its solutions for non-invasive health screenings, as well as research and clinical applications.

Our Thermal Imaging Equipment…
is top of the line. As a research facility, we use radiometric camera technology that far exceeds the accuracy of imager technology. Radiometric means that we see approximately 80,000 pixels of information in one square inch. Each pixel provides a heat value, which increases accuracy detection and improves comparative analysis.

You should also know:
Thermal Imaging uses no radiation, is no-touch, and is perfectly safe for breast implants. Thermal imaging is an FDA-registered device safe for detecting early warning signs of cancer. Thermal imaging is approved as an adjunctive test and is not intended to replace mammograms.

Full body scans or region specific scans reveal patterns to give you clear information about your:

  • Breast Health (safe for implants and “dense breasts”)
  • Thyroid Health Assessment
  •  Dental Pathologies (many issues detected pre-clinically)
  • General Toxicity
  • Immune & Lymphatic System function
  • Pain
  • Visceral Health (liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach…)
  • Carotid Plaque/Stroke risk assessment
  • Sinus Infections
  • General Inflammation
  • Digestion and Colon Function
  • Celiac Disease Screening
  •  Acid Reflex
  • Joint Health
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Lung and Heart health
  • Nerve Health
  • Reflex Sympathetic
  • Diabetes – Acute or Chronic
  • And More