Subtle Energy Information

Psy-Tek Labs Alternative Testing Lab

Psy-Tek Laboratory is a pioneer in advanced health technology that includes subtle energy testing, subtle energy measurement and subtle energy research. New developments and techniques in body scans reveal powerful cellular level statistics, life energy patterns, and other wellness information. Some of these techniques look at subtle energy systems and how components affect physical connections.

For example, they are able to give feedback to both practitioners and their clients as to the impact on their systems. They are then able to chart data on health programs and procedures that can be used as a road map for determining how best to proceed with health care applications.

Tests such as GDV/EPI or Electro Photonic Imaging, and EIS an FDA approved (Interstitial Fluid Scan each provide alternative methods in providing full body awareness monitoring. Whether ones goal is disease prevention, early warning detection of disease presence or disease and pain management.

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